PdfMerge helps you join multiple PDF files into a larger document
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PdfMerge is a simple application that helps you join multiple PDF files into a larger document. You can either merge entire files or determine specific pages on each document, which should be transferred to the new document.

The program's interface is neat and uncluttered. Still, it isn't intuitive enough. In the absence of a “Help” menu, it takes some time to figure out how the tool works. Moreover, some of the functions may pass unnoticed, since there aren't any buttons to let you see at a glance what additional options exist. With this remark, I refer mainly to the page selection procedure and to the bookmarking process. From a superficial approach, you may think that the program merges the documents as such, with their entire content preserved. It seems that it isn’t quite so. A page range from each source file is possible. You just need to fill in the Page box with the page number or the range of pages to be transferred to the merged file. Unfortunately, random pages (i.e., 2, 5, 10) can't be selected. Bookmarks can also be assigned to each source item by following the same procedure, namely by typing a title into the corresponding box.

What's good about this app is that you are allowed to add footnotes and to renumber the pages, starting with whatever digit you prefer. In addition, you can annotate the merged file with title, author, and subject information.

The program runs well and performs the merging task properly. Still, it lacks a preview option, and thus you are required to use another utility in order to determine which pages to select.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Unlimited number of source files can be imported
  • Page selection ability
  • Supports page renumbering
  • Can annotate the merged file


  • The interface isn't intuitive enough
  • No preview
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